OASIS Volunteers Make a Difference

  • Robin Davis, OASIS Volunteer Specialist

    One Person Can Make a Difference

    OASIS stands for Osceola Adults Serving and Inspiring Students. For over 25 years, Osceola County residents from all walks of life have willingly shared their time and talents to enrich the education of our students.

    The OASIS School Volunteer Program welcomes parents and community residents to work alongside our faculty and staff. Each school has designated an OASIS Volunteer Coordinator who will assist interested individuals with placement based on the volunteer’s interests and the school’s needs.

    OASIS Volunteers can use their experience and expertise to help meet the unique needs of each and every student. During the 2018-2019 school year, the district had over 20,000 registered OASIS volunteers who documented more than 340,000 documented volunteer hours.*

    You can make a difference in a variety of ways, including:

    • Assisting with campus beautification projects
    • Becoming a guest speaker
    • Collecting donations of supplies for school events
    • Designing flyers, newsletters, posters, etc.
    • Helping out at book fairs and holiday shops
    • Increasing school spirit as a Band or Athletic Team Booster
    • Organizing school fundraisers
    • Getting involved in parent organizations (PTA/PTO, School Advisory Council)
    • Organizing weekly food pantry distribution
    • Providing translation services
    • Running the PBIS (Positive Behavior) rewards store
    • Sponsoring extracurricular clubs
    • Supervising students on field trips
    • Training student athletes as a Volunteer Coach**
    • Tutoring and Mentoring Students

    Volunteers are a vital part of the educational system in our county, and are indeed making a difference for students. We couldn’t be more thankful for the dedicated individuals who serve as OASIS Volunteers for the Osceola School District, and inspire our students to reach higher heights.


    How do I Become an OASIS Volunteer?

    Student safety is our #1 priority. After completing the application process, mandatory criminal history background check***, and OASIS orientation with the Volunteer Coordinator, volunteers can begin playing an active role in the educational development of our students.

    Click the link below to start your new OASIS Volunteer Application for the 2020-2021 school year. Contact your child’s school to schedule an orientation.

    NOTE: All volunteers must renew their OASIS Volunteer Application every school year and volunteer at least once a year in order to remain active. Orientations are not required for renewing volunteers.
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    finger Apply to become an OASIS Volunteer or to Renew your existing volunteer application.


      Due to COVID-19 school closures, current 2019-2020 volunteer data is incomplete.

     ** Volunteer Coaches must also submit to a Level 2 FBI background check fingerprinting, at a cost of $47 per year.

    *** Background checks help identify individuals with criminal offenses which may prevent them from serving as an OASIS school volunteer, and are performed at no cost to the applicant. The application process may take up to three weeks to complete.

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