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    Hello! My name is Murphy and I am a very special type of “dawg” on campus here at St. Cloud High School. While I am not a bulldog, or a human, I am a special student with a unique title of an Educational Assistance Dog (EAD). This is also why they gave me such a special classroom. My main classroom is in the Life Lab with Ms. Lucy to assist my friends with unique needs.

    Even though I am a student, and love learning new things, I am here to work. I am here to keep the Life Lab with my special friends, and all my new classmates at SCHS calm, safe, and stress free. You will know when I am working because of my special vest that I wear every day. 

    When you see me with my vest out and about campus, please think of it as a stop sign to ask if I can be pet. I am not being rude if I ignore you, but I am working and my full attention needs to be on my very important job. Please always ask before touching me.

    I am excited to be here. I know SCHS is the perfect school for me!                                                                                                      




    Fun Facts!

    • My date of birth is 9/20/2018Pawsitive Action Log0
    • I am a Goldadore (1/2 Golden Retriever & 1/2 Labrador)
    • Pawsitive Action partnered with my school district so that I can work with students who need my support   
    • I am the only EAD at a high school in the county
    • I passed my final test to be a fully certified service dog on 6/9/2020!
    • I am named after Micheal P. Murphy, a Navy Seal that served in Afghanistan and was the 1st Navy Seal since Vietnam to receive the Medal of Honor for saving his platoon

    Murphy attends Best Buddies monthly events!