• We believe all subjects are important to the growth and balance of a student. Each year, students complete courses in Mathematics, Science, Language & Literature, Social Studies, and Physical Education. Students are placed in these classes based on academic performance on both Summative and Formative assessment completed throughout their educational careers. In addition, students have the option of selecting a variety of full year or single semester elective options including Fine Arts and Career and Technical classes.

    Students typically can pick 1 full year elective and 1 single semester elective or 3 single semester electives. It is possible for a student to participate in 2 full year electives if a PE waiver is completed by their family. 

    Electives are based on availability and are subject to change from one school year to another. 




  • Language & Literature

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Fine & Performing Arts

  • Career and Technical Education

  • World Language

  • Physical Education & Health

  • Exceptional Student Education