• otech

    Changing Lives Through Education

    Mission Statement

    Every student, future ready. 

    Vision Statement

    To be the leader in propelling Osceola County towards a brighter tomorrow through preparing students for careers that will shape our future, locally and beyond.


    Academic Success

    Talent Management

    Fiscal Responsibility

    Community Engagement


    The oTECH Way

    A commitment to quality, professionalism, and character.


    The student is the most important person on campus.

    All students can achieve.

    It's not about me.

    Our clear purpose is a CAREER for every student.

    We do what is right, not what is easy.

    It's OK to disagree.


    Collaboration ◆ Excellence ◆ Take care of the small things ◆ Teamwork ◆ Take care of each other
    Lead, don’t manage ◆ It’s not about pleasing, it’s about doing the right thing