Year Book

2023-2024 Yearbook
  • 2023-2024 Yearbook Staff


    Advisor – Raul Figueroa


    Editor In Chief

    Valeria Pargas


    Assistant Editor in Chief

    Natalia Giraldo


    Managing Editors

    Louisa Dotsey

    Ricardo Pena

    David Jimenez


    Staff Members

    Marines Castro

    Kiara Clemente

    Destiny Coleman

    Paola Garcia-Morales

    Taynna Legrand

    Jahir Lopez Faria

    Bianca Maldonado vera

    Isabella Mills

    Jekiel Molina Torres

    Kaylee Puterbaugh

    Cynthia Rojas Platon

    Noah Roque

    Taahirah Torres


    Lead Advisor: Mr. Figueroa

    Mr. Figueroa instructs students on the proper use of Photography and the organizing of images. He assists with the organization of the yearbook layout and placement of images. Students will be able to print and customize photos. Students obtain work ethic and job placement skills. While under her supervision students will build a Portfolio of work to share with future employers and colleges

Last Modified on February 21, 2024