Union Recertification Process

Required Legal Notices to Employees

Brief Outline of the Union Recertification Process

  • 1.  Beginning October 01, 2023, any employee organization (e.g., union) that has been certified as the bargaining agent must supply to the Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC) information as of the 30th day (e.g., March 13, 2024) immediately preceding their date of (registration) renewal (e.g., April 13, 2024).  The information determines the calculation of union membership density.

    2.  If the union has less than 60% of the employees eligible for representation paying dues, then the union must petition PERC pursuant to s. 447.307(2), Florida Statutes, and must have statements signed by at least 30% of the employees supporting the union.

    3.  Then, PERC shall conduct an election (e.g., mail ballot), and a majority (e.g., 50% plus 1) of bargaining unit employees who complete and return ballots must vote “Yes” to keep the exclusive bargaining agent.

    4.  Per PERC Rule 60CC-2.006 Cost of Conducting Election, both parties split "to share equally the Commission’s costs of conducting such election" (e.g., about $1.65 per employee).