Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

  • Paint palette with rainbow curved above it

    Are you the creative type? Do you enjoy art, fashion, design, or photography?  No matter what your medium - paints, fabric, film, or furniture, the Arts, A/V Technology & Communications field can allow you to express your vision in many forms.  By combining your artistic ability with design principles and knowledge, you can explore a career with an opportunity to pursue your passion with a career in art and design.

    Our mission:
    Arts, A/V Technology & Communications prepares students for employment and/or continuing education opportunities in performing and visual arts through technical instruction in the classroom, experiential education through the laboratory and leadership and personal development in student leadership organizations.

    Are you interested in working in television, film, or radio?
    Do you like to perform or interpret music?
    Does computer graphics or computer animation interest you?
    Do you like to work with technology?
    Do you have a talent for writing?
    Are you visually oriented?
    Is artistic expression important to you?
    Do you enjoy the limelight?
    Are you tenacious?

    If you answered yes to two or more of the questions above, you're probably cut out for the Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Career Cluster. Perhaps you'd enjoy one of these careers

    • Audio Technician
    • Actor / Actress
    • Sound Board Operator
    • Dance Instructor
    • Reporter / News Analyst
    • Telecommunications Specialist
    • Musician
    • Broadcast Technician
    • Press Operator
    • Commercial Artist
    • Video Technician
    • Museum Curator
    • Camera Operator
    • Cable TV Engineer

    Jobs in the Arts, A/V Technology and Communications Career Cluster often deal with the performing and visual arts, like dancing, producing movies or films, interior design, production design, music, photography, creative writing, and landscape architecture. Jobs may also involve communicating information about ideas, events, products, or services, like technical writing, editing, graphic arts, journalism, public speaking, and telecommunications. Some jobs involve operating electronic media and communications equipment.

    Information, communication, technology, and rapid change are leading forces in the twenty-first century. In response, the world of work has shifted away from manufacturing and toward the knowledge and creative based economies. Flexibility and innovation have become commodities of the times. In today's creative economy, the arts provide the training and service for a workforce driven by innovation. This career cluster focuses on those courses of study which, by their very nature, develop collaborative skills, creative thinking and an appreciation for diversity.

    Our vision: is to see that all students have an appreciation for the arts of communication and that the students develop essential career preparation skills, as well as personal leadership opportunities by using their creative talents.

    Career Technical Student Organization

    TSA (Technology Student Association) is dedicated to helping students develop broad technological literacy in order that they become responsible, participating, healthy and successful citizens. TSA helps students acquire and apply design, problem-solving, teaming and leadership skills. Students also learn to use simple and complex tools found in communication, manufacturing, structural, and transportation systems. Students are also given the opportunity to develop authentic skills which are reflective of today's workplace and to demonstrate and be recognized for excellence by others. In addition to competitive conferences, students have the opportunity to attend regional and state workshops.