Government & Public Administration

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    From the roads you drive on, to the water you drink, to your police and fire departments, the government is at work around you 24 hours a day.  Whether protecting our nearly 8,000 miles of international land and water boundaries, tending to foreign affairs, conducting intelligence, enforcing laws, or administering foreign or domestic policy, the Government & Public Administration sector offers a variety of career paths.

    Our mission:
    Government & Public Administration prepares students for employment and/or continuing education opportunities in government or public relations through technical instruction in the classroom, experiential education through the laboratory and leadership and personal development by participating in student leadership organizations.

    Do you value public service?
    Are you interested in government and politics?
    Would you enjoy working at the post office?
    Would you like to work overseas?
    Would you be interested in joining the military?
    Would you enjoy helping people plan new communities?

    If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, perhaps you would be a good candidate for a career in government and public administration. You might enjoy a career as a(n):

    • IRS Agent
    • Soldier or Sailor
    • Foreign Service Officer
    • Legislator
    • Regional Planner
    • Congressional Aide
    • Bank Examiner
    • Court Administrator
    • Cryptologist
    • County Commissioner
    • Intelligence Agent
    • Ambassador
    • Foreign Affairs Officer
    • Homeland Security

    Jobs in the Government and Public Administration Career Cluster involve planning, managing, and providing government legislative and administrative and regulatory services and related general purpose government services at the federal, state, and local levels.

    Government and Public Administration jobs offer opportunities to provide important public service to our local community, or at the state, national or even international level. This includes working with a variety of community groups, even in foreign countries; analyzing problems and making recommendations to governing bodies such as the city council, the state legislature, federal agencies, and other departments.

    Our vision: is to see that every student receives the academic knowledge and technical skills needed to be successful in a government related career.

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    Download the brochure for more information regarding the Government & Public Administration Career Cluster.

    matrix Career Cluster Resource Matrix
    The Career Cluster Resource Matrix identifies the skill standards, curriculum, and assessments. Download the Matrix for more information regarding the Government & Public Administration Career Cluster.