• Career Pathways

    Each high school in Osceola County offers Career Pathways Programs that may be just right for YOU!

    The Career Pathways Program is a collaborative effort between Valencia College, Orange County Public Schools, and the School District of Osceola County, Florida. The result is a structured curriculum designed to prepare students for high-tech and high-demand occupations. All Career Pathways programs have post-secondary articulations agreements that specify either college credits or performance standards that may be awarded upon successful completion of the high school program of study.

    Valencia College posted 4,215 college credit hours to Osceola County students in 2018-2019.

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College Credits Earned by Career Pathway Students

School Total Credits Total Value
Acclaim Academy Charter 2 $206
Adult Learning Center 4 $412
Celebration High School 320 $32,960
Central Pointe Christian Academy 2 $206
Challenger Learning Center 1 $103
Chosen Generation Chrisitan Academy 2 $206
City of Life Christian Academy 16 $1,648
Freedomland Christian Academy 1 $103
Gateway High School 670 $69,010
Harmony High School 396 $40,788
Heritage Christian School 1 $103
Kissimmee Christian Academy 1 $103
Liberty High School 495 $50,985
Life Academy 7 $721
Main Street High School 3 $309
Mavericks High School 59 $6,077
New Beginnings Educational Center 2 $206
New Dimension High School 99 $10,197
North Kissimmee Christian School 2 $206
Osceola Christian Preparatory School 5 $515
Osceola High School 672 $69,216
Osceola School for the Arts 124 $12,772
Osceola Virtual School 18 $1,854
Pleasant Hill Academy 7 $721
Poinciana High School 363 $37,389

Skills Training

  • Skills training: It's not enough to know "about" something, you must also know how to "do" something. Skills, especially technical skills are required in order to land a good job. Only 4% of the new jobs can be filled by people with the lowest skill levels.

    Academic preparation: Students begin Career Pathways in high school, focusing on higher academics and technical skills and then links their high school studies with at least two years at an Orange or Osceola county technical school or Valencia Community College. This can lead to a two year certificate, associates or a four-year college degree.

    Earn College or Technical Center Credits while in high school: After taking designated technical courses at their high schools, Career Pathways students participate in an assessment and are eligible to receive the credits when they enroll at Valencia or the technical centers.

    Save Time and Money: By earning college credits while in high school, students make a smooth transition between high school and college by not duplicating coursework and save time and tuition/book money.

    Career Clusters and Pathways

    Career Pathways are available within the 16 various Career Clusters for Osceola District School students.  These career themes help schools ensure that students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for multiple career options within each Career Cluster.  Recommended academic and technical curriculum is identified on each Career Pathway.  Students have an opportunity to earn college or technical center credits for work completed in high school.  A specific pathway assessment is required for all areas.

    For more information about how the credits work, check out the Congratulations Flyer. (PDF)