Osceola Virtual School

  • Osceola Virtual School serves students in grades K-12. Virtual Schooling is FREE to Osceola students who meet all district and state eligibility requirements to enroll.  Virtual Education is an Internet-based learning environment where instruction occurs via computer and teacher communication is delivered by State and Nationally certified teachers.  Online students communicate through text-based tools such as, e-mails, discussion forums, chats, Blackboard Collaborate and instant messaging.  Therefore, strong reading, writing and critical thinking skills are very important for success in an online course.  You need to feel comfortable expressing yourself in writing.

    Both part-time and full time virtual schooling is available as long as the criteria below is met.

    1. Good Grades
    2. Reasonable GPA
    3. Focused in learning and completing work
    4. Pass State Reading tests

    For more information on Osceola Virtual School please access: http://ovss.osceolaschools.net/home