Frequently Asked Questions About Charter Schools

  • What are Charter Schools?

    1. Charter schools are part of the State's program of public education. All charter schools in Florida are fully recognized as public schools.
    2. As public schools, charter schools cannot discriminate or limit enrollment against any student population for any reason.
    3. A charter school may not charge tuition or fees, except those normally charged by other public schools.
    4. Charter schools must participate in the state assessment system.

    How are students selected for a charter school?

    1. A charter school shall be open to any student residing in the school district in which the charter school is located.
    2. A charter school may give enrollment preference to a sibling of a student enrolled in the charter school. The charter school shall enroll an eligible student who submits a timely application, unless the number of applications exceeds the capacity of a program, class, grade level, or building. In such cases, all applicants shall have an equal chance of being selected through a random selection process.
    3. If the number of eligible students exceeds the capacity of the program, class grade level, or building, a random selection (lottery) of students will be conducted.

    Who may submit a proposal for operating a charter school?

    1. Charter schools are nonprofit institutions typically run by a group of parents, teachers, an organization, a municipality, colleges, universities and/or a combination of more that one group.
    2. A private school, parochial school, or home education program is not eligible for charter status.