College, Career, & Life Readiness

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    Planning for life after high school starts long before Senior year. Finding the right career takes time, planning, and exploring throughout all grade levels.   

    As a part of the SDOC Strategic Plan, we want to challenge, empower, and inspire our students to see their education as an adventure both inside and out of the classroom. We want students to explore the different paths to exciting destinations and to confidently craft the path to their futures.


  • College, Career, & Life Readiness

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    Anthony Cook

    Coordinator of College & Career Services

  • There are 4 main paths students may choose to take after high school.

    We call these paths the 4 E's—
    Enroll, Enlist, Employ & Explore!

  • Enrollment

  • Enlistment

  • Employment

  • Exploration

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