School Library/Media Centers

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    The local school Library Media Center is a hub of activity where students are encouraged to build on literacy skills by reading for understanding as well as enjoyment.  The School Library Media Specialist (SLMS) teaches age-appropriate library information skills.  Students are taught to be curious in formative years, and how to gather and evaluate information from the vast resources available to them as they progress in school.  Students apply these skills to every subject area of their daily instruction.     

    The SLMS has a wide subject area knowledge and technological expertise that supports all teachers and students.  From eBooks to the collection of print materials, the SLMS develops a library media program to ensure successful teaching and learning.  Professional resources for teachers, as well as technical assistance with software programs and computer hardware, are provided at the school by the SLMS and school Technology Contact.  

    Procedures for Challenging Library Materials/Books

    The Osceola County School District has adopted a policy to provide guidelines in the matter of the appropriateness of books and/or materials. In the event a book or material is deemed inappropriate by a concerned school-community citizen, the following links offer assistance with the process of requesting a review and reconsideration of the appropriateness of the book or materials.