Duke/Osceola Talent Identification Program (TIP)


    The Talent Identification Program run by Duke University is a phenomenal opportunity for gifted students in upper Elementary and Middle School that inspires excellence in gifted/talented education. Each Fall, TIP identifies the top 5% of students in the county based on prior-year FSA scores and invites them to participate in the program.

    Elementary (4-6) students who participate in the program have the opportunity to take the 9th grade Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) and gain access to a wealth of web resources that can support and challenge gifted and high ability students. Students who participate during the 7th grade have the chance to take the SAT to gain a strong understanding of the level of their skills that can be used in the classroom to better serve their academic needs. Duke also offers a summer school program where students can participate in college level course work and engage with other advanced students in a way not often encountered within the school district.

    The School District of Osceola County also extends the opportunity for above level testing in the 7th grade to all students in the top 20%. Students who participate in the SAT during the school year will also be given the opportunity to attend the Osceola TIP Summer Institute, a week-long program that challenges students to complete highly creative and engaging activities, and offers them the chance to visit local college campuses.

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