Osceola Talent Identification Program (TIP)

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    The School District of Osceola County Talent Identification Program (TIP) is a phenomenal opportunity for 8th grade students that inspires excellence in gifted/talented education. Each year, Osceola TIP identifies the top 20% of students in the county based on prior FAST PM 3 and/or BEST scores and invites them to participate in the program.

    Students who participate during the 8th grade have the chance to take the SAT to gain a strong understanding of the level of their skills that can be used in the classroom to better serve their academic needs. 

    Osceola County provides two SAT testing locations for 8th graders only, Neptune Middle School and Horizon Middle School.  The test date is December 2, 2023.  Students who are interested in taking the SAT at one of the 8th grade sites must complete the online application through CollegeBoard.

    Students who participate in the SAT during the school year will also be given the opportunity to attend a summer camp. More information regarding the summer opportunity will be sent out in second semester.


    Information about future planning and how to review SAT test scores are available through this presentation.  Please click on notes to read the information on the slide.


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