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  • Osceola Partners In Education (formerly Business Partners)

    Partners in Education (PIE) is a district-wide program linking schools and organizations together to make a positive difference for Osceola’s youth. While businesses used to be the primary focus of this program, in recent years we have expanded our partnerships to include faith-based organizations, community agencies, educational programs, civic groups, and non-profits. 

    In order to be considered a Partner in Education, the organization must complete a School Partnership Agreement form which outlines joint activities for the year, and maintain an ongoing, active relationship with the school. Partnerships may be established with one or several schools, one particular club or classroom, or even with the entire school district. No business or organization is too large or small to serve as a PIE.

    Examples of PIE partnership activities include:

    • Providing school support through financial contributions
    • Donating attendance, behavior and academic incentives
    • Offering in-kind donations and services
    • Sponsoring special events (Staff Appreciation, Literacy Week, Homecoming, Education Awards, etc.)
    • Assisting with campus beautification projects
    • Serving as a guest speaker for career discussions and classes
    • Negotiating discounts or special pricing on goods and services
    • Coordinating community service opportunities
    • Mentoring students
    • Attending School Advisory Council meetings
    • Presenting consumer education sessions for staff and parents
    • Awarding scholarships and grants for student competitions
    • Hosting on-site art exhibitions and musical performances 


    How Do I Become a Partner in Education?

    Partners in Education can play a tremendous role with showing support for school programs and preparing students for jobs of the future. Each school has designated a PIE Coordinator for partnership opportunities. This individual can provide helpful information to potential partners about school programs and educational needs. They also work closely with school leadership to identify ways they can give back. Contact the desired school directly, and ask to be connected to the PIE Coordinator. For district partnerships, please contact Felisa Lewis, Partners in Education Specialist at 407-870-4014.


    Through the Osceola Partners in Education Program, our community is making a positive difference for Osceola's children. Become a Partner in Education and help make students' dreams come true.

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    NOTE: The School District of Osceola County. Florida prohibits solicitations and sales to employees and students during school hours. These and other policies regarding distribution of materials to students' homes can be found in section 3.70 of the Osceola School Board Rules.

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