Migrant Education Program Center

  • The Migrant Education Program Center of the Osceola County School District provides advisory services for migrant students and parents, school record transfer services, and parental involvement programs. The objective of this program is to provide supplemental academic services for the migrant student, through the use of several activities held within the program. We strive to ensure that migrant children have access to services that assist in overcoming cultural and language barriers, health related problems, and other obstacles they may encounter.

    The Migrant Education Program Center provides the following services:

    • Access to Recruiters via cell phone
    • Monitor academic progress of migrant students
    • Interpretation Services for conference, medical and/or legal appointments
    • School supplies and Back to School backpacks
    • Educational Resources available on site for checkout
    • Florida Portable Assisted Study Sequence (PASS) Program for Migrant High School Students
    • Establish Parent Advisory Council
    • Laptop Lending Program
    • Pre-K Readiness Materials for 3 and 4 year old migrant children
    • Emergency Health Services Referrals
    • Scholarship and Post Secondary Education Opportunities