Education Opportunities

  • Advanced Placement:

    All Osceola County high schools offer courses which are comparable to introductory college classes. If students achieve high scores in exit exams following these Advanced Placement (AP) courses, they earn college credits which are transferable to almost any public or private college in the United States.

    Dual Enrollment:

    Students who qualify can receive college credit for certain courses taught either on the high school campus or at a specified college with an articulation agreement with the district (Valencia College, UCF, and UF).  College dual enrollment credits are accepted at Florida public universities, but may or may not be transferable to private schools or outside of Florida. Consult your guidance counselor or a career specialist for additional information.

    Career Pathways:

    The Career Pathways course of study allows students to earn college credit.  This includes appropriate college/postsecondary preparatory courses, plus applied career and technical courses in one of the following program areas: Agribusiness, Business Technology, Health Sciences, Marketing, Public Service, or Technology Education.

    International Baccalaureate:

    Gateway High School and Celebration High hosts this district-wide program which is based on the most rigorous international academic standards and includes a four-year pre-set curriculum covering all subjects. Students who successfully finish the program and receive the IB diploma have a passport to many of the world’s leading universities and have earned a year or more in college credits.  Osceola’s IB elementary and middle schools are Thacker Avenue Elementary School for International Studies and Parkway Middle School.

    Professional and Technical High School (PATHS):

    Any Osceola County high school student may apply to attend the Professional and Technical High School (PATHS). Students have the opportunity to earn both a high school diploma and certification or licensing in a career and technical program. Contact the Professional and Technical High School at 407-518-5080.

    Osceola County School for the Arts:

    The Osceola County School for the Arts emphasizes pre-professional arts training at an accelerated, in-depth level for students with a gift for the arts. For more information on the application and audition process, contact the school at 407-931-4803.


    AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) ensures that all stude3nts will succeed in a rigorous curriculum, complete a college preparatory path, and increase enrollment in four-year colleges.  Students in AVID will be enrolled in the AVID elective class that meets daily and provides tutoring, study skills, college awareness, and team building.

    Duke TIPS Program:

    The TIPS Program identifies academically-talented seventh graders based on standardized test scores.  Students have the opportunity to participate in enriching test preparation sessions and to take the SAT.  Scoring information is used to help students effectively plan for their high school years.

    Virtual School:

    Virtual School provides free online classes and instruction to any public, private, or home-school student in Florida.  Online learning provides students and families the flexibility to learn.

    Charter Schools:​

    Charter schools are independent public schools that operate under a performance contract, or a “charter,” which frees them from most rules and regulations created for traditional public schools.  As part of the contract, charter schools are held strictly accountable for academic and financial results.

    Home Education:

    Home education is the sequentially progressive instruction of a student directed by his or her parent or guardian, in order to satisfy the requirement for compulsory education.