• Useful Links

    Discovery Science

    This is a site for students in grades 3-5 where they can explore various scientific areas and actually perform online labs. This site requires a sign-in name and password to access the student materials. Your child has been given this information.


    Think Central

    The Think Central web site is the computer pathway for the Go Math series your child is currently using in Grades K-5. Inside this website you will find your child's complete textbook, Mega Math a computer based math game, and numerous helpful tips on how to improve math skills.

    Student Log information:
    The student ID and student password are the same.
    Student ID : 49+ student number
    ex: 49+01234567 = 4901234567 ( 10 digits )


    Quia Art Educational Games

    A site where the students can play a variety of educational games that are all Arts related.



    Explore engaging music videos covering learning standards in ALL subjects.  Additional features include vocabulary flash cards, quizzes, and ability to create your own song.  This takes School House Rock to a whole new level! 

    Students login using the username and password given to them by their teacher.


    Khan Academy

    Need an at home Math tutor?  Look no further, this absolutely free program covers everything your student needs to learn in Math across ALL levels (Pre-k to 12th grade).  Math skills are presented in video tutorials to help guide you and there is additional practice work to help get you stronger in Math.  

    No login is required, simply click "Learners start here" then the grade level or Math skill you need.