• State of Education Event Planning an event, and getting parents or the community to attend it, is a lot of work. Here’s a checklist you can run through when it comes time to plan and promote your next event.

    • Select a location. Often this will just be somewhere at your school, but be mindful of how many people you expect to attend in order to allow for enough space for your needs. If you’re a department planning an event, remember how spread out our district is. Think about the most centralized location to host your event in relation to which parents/community members you’re looking to attend your event. Don’t forget to consider parking and ease of entrance.

    • Choose a date and time. Be sure to check the district calendar if necessary and the Principal WHAT? to ensure your event doesn’t conflict with any other event if that is a concern. Try to avoid Fridays (events on Fridays typically receive a lower turnout) and consider holidays when planning your date. 

    • Will you offer food? If your event or meeting takes place during mealtime hours, you may want to offer something. If your budget is limited, think about business partners who may be able to offer you a deal or discount. It’sRack C always a good idea to have bottled water available and maybe even some individually wrapped candy or mints. Avoid nuts.

    • Do you need to offer translation services? Be sure to reach out to our Multicultural Department if you need to provide translation services at your event.

    • What technology is needed for your meeting or event? There are a number of things you may need such as a projector, screen, clicker, laptop, camera, wifi, etc.