Clarification Regarding Salaries and Supplements Schedules

    • New salaries and supplements schedules for bargaining unit employees require ratification by both the certified bargaining agent (e.g., union) and the Osceola County School Board. 
    • New salaries and supplements schedules for non-bargaining unit employees require the Osceola County School Board's approval.  
    • Once the Osceola County School Board approves new salaries and supplements schedules for the current school year, the new documents shall be posted on the current school year’s SDOC Human Resources – Salaries and Supplements Schedules specific webpage.
    • Until the Osceola County School Board approves new salaries and supplements schedules, the documents for the prior school year shall remain in effect with no changes.
    • For a list of bargaining unit employees refer to Article I of each collective bargaining agreement (e.g., contract) or the Bargaining Units/ Employee Groups Defined document that identifies the employee job descriptions by pay type code within each bargaining unit and non-bargaining unit.


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