• Frequently Asked Questions


    1. When must students be reported?
      1. Students between the ages of 14 and under the age of 18 in the school year who accumulate fifteen (15) unexcused absences within ninety (90) calendar days; or
      2. Students with a withdrawal code that is a dropout code such as:
        1. ONE, was, W13, WlS, W18, W21, W22 and W23
    2. Is the ninety (90) day calendar a "rolling period?
      1. Yes, but only includes the 180 days of school
    3. Do suspension days count?
      1. No, administrative action that results in an absence will not count towards the fifteen (15) ·
    4. If attendance improves after reporting to the DHSMV, is the school district responsible for reporting?
      1. No, it is the students' responsibility. They must be able to verify thirty (30) consecutive school days before their license can be
    5. What if a student enrolls in a Home Education program
      1. They cannot be reported to the
    6. What if they are assigned a W24 code but do not register within 30 days?
      1. The student should be reported to the
    7. Can attendance requirements be satisfied through an online program for full-time students?
      1. Yes, Public and Private school online education programs are acceptable for satisfying attendance
    8. Can a student obtain a Hardship Waiver?
      1. l the student believes he/she meets the requirements for a Hardship Waiver, he/she should request a hardship waiver hearing before the Supervisor of Social Services. This can be done by requesting the hearing through the office of the Supervisor of Social Services at 407-870-4897.
    9. Can hardship waivers be for a limited amount of time?
      1. Yes
    10. What is the criteria for reinstatement?
      1. The student must attend school for thirty (30) consecutive school days with no unexcused absences in order for driving privileges to be
    11. How does a student get their driving privileges reinstated?
      1. Once the student has met the criteria for reinstatement, he/she must present at Student Services in order to obtain a completed DHSMV's reinstatement This form should be presented to the Driver's License office.