• Head Lice Procedures


    1. Students who are infested with head lice or viable nits will not be allowed to attend Viable nits are defined as those nits found less than one fourth (1/4) inch from the scalp on the hair shaft.
    2. If a student is sent home for lice treatment, the student will be allowed three (3) excused absence days for the treatment and removal of lice and viable
    3. Health room staff trained to identify head lice and nits will do a head check and verify lice
    4. If lice or viable nits are found, health room staff will inform the parent/guardian of the infestation by the end of the
    5. Health room staff will give the parent/guardian information on treatment for the family and
    6. Parent/guardian will be instructed to remove as many nits as possible before the student returns to school.
    7. To be re-admitted to school following a lice infestation, the student must:
      • Be checked by the health room staff and have no live lice or viable nits;
      • Have a statement signed by the parent/guardian stating the appropriate treatment has been completed;
      • The original product container must be presented for verification of treatment to the school; and
      • If live lice or viable nits are found, the student will not be re-admitted and the entire process will be repeated.
    1. Once cleared to return to class, the student will be re-checked in eight (8) to ten (10) days for live lice or viable
    2. If a student is sent home for lice treatment and has not returned to school by the next day, the school staff will attempt to contact the parent/guardian and encourage prompt treatment and a quick return to