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    The School District of Osceola County, Florida uses the following strategies to disseminate programmatic information to the community.

    1. Leadership Team Meeting to determine eligibility criteria listed below:

    • Students in the lowest 25%
    • Students scoring 3 or less in the Florida Standards Assessments
    • Students in Tier 2 needing Targeted or Strategic Instruction/Intervention
    • Students who are English Language Learners
    • Students with Disabilities
    • Students with Social and/or Emotional Needs

    2. Preplanning time to prepare and conduct a needs assessment survey

    3. Two weeks prior to the start of the school year

    • Compile list of eligible students
    • Create informational letters in English and Spanish that include:
      • Grade Levels to be served
      • Program Times
      • Program Services
      • Transportation guidelines
      • Snacks

    4. A REMIND account is created to inform parents and/or adult family members of the OPEN HOUSE dates and times.

    5. Set-up informational booth during OPEN HOUSE to dissemnate program information and have parents complete and return iINTEREST FORM

    6. Conduct at least two parent and/or adult family members informational meetings prior to the start of school

    7. Distribute to parents and/or adult family members handbook and student handbooks

    8. Compile WAIT LIST

    9. Maintain and implement a recruitment PLAN OF ACTION