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    The Technology Services Department consists of 7 groups (teams) that work collaboratively together to ensure we provide a safe, secure and reliable network to support the students, teachers, and professional support staff. Our mission is to have a robust and reliable network to support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), digital learning and computer based testing. Every team also provides training and support to school based technicians and professional support staff as it pertains to technology and best practices.

    ~ Customer Service Philosophy for the Technology Services Department ~

    Our success is directly measurable by the success of each customer throughout the school district from professional support staff, to teachers and students. As such, customer service is a top priority for each member of the Technology Services Department. Every attempt is made to ensure timely support of any and all District technology needs. In the end, you will be judged by what you do, not what you say.

    Computer Support Team

    The Computer Support Team manages and maintains over 29,000 desktop computers and over 2,500 iPads. This group provides technical support to all departments as well as to on site technicians at the schools.  They also provide support for digital learning and computer based testing by updating computer operating systems, browsers and other applications and settings. The student intern program is run out of this group which provides individuals with valuable on the job training / experience and providing additional service and support throughout the District.

    Construction (Technology) and Intercom Team
    The Technology Construction and Intercom Team performs preconstruction surveys, plan markups, detailed designs, scopes of work, contractor walk-throughs, and inspections on completed work as it relates to technology. They oversee cabling and fiber installations and repairs as well as support for installation of interactive boards / projectors and audio enhancement as well as coordination of outside services with contractors. Members of this team also maintain and program intercom systems, clocks and bell schedules throughout the schools.

    Enterprise Team
    The Enterprise Team builds, installs, manages, and maintains servers throughout the District in support of email, data, web sites, business applications, and computer based testing. They all manage user accounts maintaining permissions, rights and access to both in-house and cloud based network services and resources. This team also schedules and manages server backups and data restoration.  Technical support is also provided for District and school web sites, mobile application, and the emergency and general notification system.

    Infrastructure Team
    The Infrastructure Team manages and maintains the wired and wireless network infrastructure throughout the entire school district. The team is also responsible for internet connectivity and monitoring bandwidth to make sure we can meet the current needs for BYOD, digital learning, computer based testing and assessments and prepare for future needs. They are also responsible for maintaining and monitoring and ensuring network security.

    Telephony / Help Desk Team
    The Telephony Team manages and maintains the District’s phone and voicemail system. They also implemented and maintain the fax server which has provided cost reduction and improved security over the previous fax setup. Also included in this group is the Help Desk which receives calls and email messages for tech-support as well as the Phone Billing Clerk who audits and verifies billing information while also backing up the Help Desk. To help manage trouble calls, we also implemented a new service desk ticketing system which allows trouble calls to be assigned and reviewed by the other groups.

    Notice:Spectrum Voice Service customer premise equipment (“CPE”) is electrically powered and, in the event of a power outage or Spectrum network failure, E-911 services may be unavailable. E-911 services provide a 911 operator with the caller's telephone number and location.

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