Zenith Media Center Policies

  • Hours of Operation:
    Monday - Friday 07:00am - 02:30pm

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    Checkout Policy:
    Students may check out two items at a time. Materials are checked out for a two week time period. Books may be renewed for an additional two weeks as long as there is no waiting list for them.

    Students may place a reserve on books in the Zenith collection that are presently checked out to someone else.Reserve forms can be found by the OPACs and at the circulation desk.

    Zenith Media Center Mission:
    The mission of the Zenith School Media Center is to make available to students and faculty, a collection of materials that will support and enrich the adopted curriculum, encourage reading for personal / professional growth, and meet the research needs of those served. We strive to maintain an environment in which our patrons feel secure in their abilities and uninhibited in their endeavors to extend themselves beyond their intellectual comfort zones.

    Research computers are not to be used for email, games, downloads, etc. Please see the Network Acceptable Use Policy for other limitations. Students in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy will lose their computer privileges and risk administrative disciplinary action.