• Nail Specialty Program
    This course will provide experiences necessary for the development of skills required to be a licensed nail specialist. The allocation of time to the nail specialty program is prescribed by the Florida state board of cosmetology. Topics covered include: manicuring, pedicuring, nail growth and structure, nail diseases and disorders, skin diseases and disorders, 3-D nail art,  free hand art, nail extensions, sculpting, safety precautions, decontamination, sanitation, advanced nail techniques, industry concepts, salon management, and exposure to a salon setting.
    Preparation for Employment
    This program offers a broad foundation of skills to prepare students for employment in the nail specialty field. The content includes but not limited to practical experiences in clinical and theory. Students engage in learning on live models, manikin hands, demonstrations, and computer based technology.
    Certificate of completion is awarded to students who successfully complete the program competencies and satisfy basic skill requirements in accordance with state guidelines.

    Potential Employment Opportunities
    ► Salon Owner
    ► Manager
    ► Consultant
    ► Nail Specialist
    ► Sales
    ► Medical Field (diabetes patients)
    ► Spas

    Length of Course
    ► Nail Specialty:  240 Hours