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    OCMSAC Eligibility

    In order for athletic eligibility in the OCMSAC to take place the following must be met.

    ITEM 1:
    Student Grade will be a cumulative 2.0 / C average to gain eligibility for the entire quarter.

    ITEM 2:
    One (1) “F” and or three (3) or more “D’s” will not be allowed on the report card, even if a C average is attained. This will cause the student athlete to be ineligible for the entire quarter.

    ITEM 3:
    A student-athlete that has two (2) “D’s” on their report card will be placed on probation until progress reports come out. Ineligibility will be take place immediately if the student remains to have two (2) or more “D’s” on their report in any classes at progress report card time.

    Eligibility is based on quarter grades to determine eligibility for the next quarter. Quarter 1 will determine Quarter 2 and so on throughout the entire academic school year.

    PLEASE NOTE: Quarter 4 will determine eligibility for Quarter 1 of the next school year for next years 7th and 8th graders. * All incoming 6th graders are eligible Quarter 1.

    a- He/ She must be regularly promoted from the previous grade in the immediate preceding year;
    b- He/she must be in regular attendance;
    c- He/she must be carrying a normal class load and doing satisfactory classroom work with satisfactory conduct record as determined by the principal of the school.
    d- He/She must be a Middle School student (Grades 6-8) has 1-year limit of eligibility in each grade.
    e- May participate until the age of 15 years 9 months. (Ineligibility begins the day of 15 years 9 months.