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  • Welcome Employee

    The 7,300 people employed in our schools and departments represent the Osceola School District’s most valuable asset. Their dedication to children shows as they work tirelessly in their many roles to improve and expand educational programs and services, as well as enhance operational efficiencies. Each and every day, Osceola educators inspire and engage our children to strive for achievement. In addition, our school-related employees support teachers and administrators by ensuring children get to and from school, eat healthy meals during the day, and learn in safe and healthy environments. The true strength of the Osceola School District can be seen in the caring and dedicated faces of its many employees who always find a way to do what is best for our children.

    Customer Service Standards and Guidelines

    The Osceola School District believes that a major component of ensuring high student achievement is providing excellent customer service to each and every stakeholder. When you - as a parent, school partner, or visitor - interact with an Osceola School District employee, you can expect our very best in courtesy and respect, communication, responsiveness, and environment. Read more about the Customer Service Service Standards and Guidelines.