• College & Career Services for Patriots

    Planning for life after high school starts long before senior year. Finding the right career takes time, planning, and exploring throughout all grade levels.   

    The Professional & Technical High School College and Career Counselor (CCC) is located in the counseling office, and is the point of contact for students to learn about, prepare for, and apply for postsecondary opportunities! The sooner students and families explore and take advantage of services provided by the CCC, the more opportunities students will have to pursue after graduation!   

    Seniors are expected to both plan for and commit to their next step after graduation under one of our 4 E's - Enrollment, Enlistment, Employment, and/or Exploration! Learn more about the 4 E's, the SDOC Strategic Plan, and see even more resources for preparing for life after graduation here.

    CCC Services

    • Scholarship opportunities
    • Service opportunities
    • Financial aid assistance
    • College exploration and application support
    • ACT/SAT fee waivers
    • College application fee waivers
    • Military exploration
    • Trade school exploration and preparation
    • Field trips
    • Career exploration and preparation
    • Valencia College exploration, application and transition support (seniors only)
    • FAFSA support (seniors only)... and more!