• Round 1 Schedule is Now Available.

    Schools will notify parents prior to the testing date for your child's school.  A signed parent permission slip is required for testing.  The school will test up to 10% of the student body on the test date indicated on the schedule.  Written results will be provided to the child to take home to parent once the school receives the results.  A parent will be notified by the school if we receive a positive result for your child.  Results can take 2-3 days.  The schedule is subject to revisions based on nurse availability.  If a second round of testing is needed, the schedule will be posted in October.

Initial - East Date - East Zone - East Initial - West Date - West Zone - West
Harmony Community School 9/10/2021 East Zone Westside K8 9/10/2021 West Zone
Harmony Middle School 9/13/2021 East Zone Celebration K8 9/13/2021 West Zone
Harmony High School 9/14/2021 East Zone Celebration High School 9/14/2021 West Zone
Hickory Tree Elementary 9/15/2021 East Zone Osceola High School 9/15/2021 West Zone
St. Cloud High School 9/16/2021 East Zone Thacker Avenue Elementary 9/16/2021 West Zone
St. Cloud Middle School 9/17/2021 East Zone Osceola School for the Arts 9/17/2021 West Zone
Michigan Avenue Elementary 9/20/2021 East Zone Flora Ridge Elementary 9/20/2021 West Zone
Lakeview Elementary 9/21/2021 East Zone Central Avenue Elementary 9/21/2021 West Zone
St. Cloud Elementary 9/22/2021 East Zone Highlands Elementary 9/22/2021 West Zone
Neptune Elementary 9/23/2021 East Zone Kissimmee Middle School 9/23/2021 West Zone
Neptune Middle School 9/24/2021 East Zone Kissimmee Elementary 9/24/2021 West Zone
Narcoossee Middle School 9/27/2021 East Zone Parkway Middle School 9/27/2021 West Zone
Narcoossee Elementary 9/28/2021 East Zone Boggy Creek Elementary 9/28/2021 West Zone
Tohopekaliga High School 9/29/2021 East Zone Cypress Elementary 9/29/2021 West Zone
East Lake Elementary 9/30/2021 East Zone Pleasant Hill Elementary 9/30/2021 West Zone
Partin Settlement Elementary 10/1/2021 East Zone Reedy Creek Elementary 10/1/2021 West Zone
Gateway High School 10/4/2021 East Zone Poinciana High School 10/4/2021 West Zone
Denn John Middle 10/5/2021 East Zone Liberty High School 10/5/2021 West Zone
Mill Creek Elementary 10/6/2021 East Zone Discovery Intermediate 10/6/2021 West Zone
NeoCity Academy 10/7/2021 East Zone Chestnut Elementary 10/7/2021 West Zone
Professional Technical HS 10/8/2021 East Zone Deerwood Elementary 10/8/2021 West Zone
Osceola Technical College 10/11/2021 East Zone Koa Elementary 10/11/2021 West Zone
Ventura Elementary 10/12/2021 East Zone Poinciana Elementary 10/12/2021 West Zone
COPE/ ZENITH 10/13/2021 East Zone Sunrise Elementary 10/13/2021 West Zone
Canoe Creek K8 10/14/2021 East Zone Horizon Middle School 10/14/2021 West Zone