Welcome to NeoCity Academy, home of the Knights!

    It is with great pleasure that I extend my warmest welcome to all of you as the principal. I am honored to lead a team of dedicated educators and support staff who are committed to providing the highest quality education and fostering a nurturing environment for our students.

    At NeoCity Academy, we believe in the power of education to transform the lives of our students. Together, we create a vibrant learning community that encourages inquiry, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration, preparing our students to be productive 21st century learners.

    To our students, I encourage you to embrace every opportunity that comes your way. Explore your interests, set ambitious goals, and work hard to achieve them. Remember, education is a journey, and we are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

    To our parents, I thank you for entrusting us with the education of your children. We value the partnership between home and school, and we look forward to working collaboratively with you to ensure the success of your child.

    To our staff, I appreciate your commitment and dedication to our students. Your passion for teaching and learning is the cornerstone of our school's success, and I am grateful for your efforts.

    I am excited about the upcoming year and the incredible opportunities it holds for all of us. Let's embark on this journey together, as a united community, with enthusiasm and determination.



    Yvette Ponzoa, Principal

photo labeling neocity academy as 11th in the state