Explore NeoCity

  • The NeoCity Academy Dashboard takes you on a 360° tour of our beautiful, state-of-the-art campus designed by Little. We currently serve approximately 400 students annually. An expansion is in the works to double the size of our campus and our student body. Check back on this page for updates on the new campus and some of the exciting features expected to be included in the final building.

    The 360° experience on the NeoCity Academy Dashboard let's you explore some of our unique spaces and learn more about them by clicking the hexagon icons embedded into the images. Feel free to explore the site and discover more about our school and it's creative design.

    The Energy Dashboard feature allows you to view the data behind some of the energy NeoCity Academy uses on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. As the school runs entirely on solar panels, the school is able to sell back energy to the county each month. Students occasionally use this data in their coursework, writing mathematical equations to figure out future usage or in science courses to study the mechanics and reasoning behind some of the trends.