• The School District of Osceola County provides opportunities for students to take standardized assessments for free during the normal school day at their school site. Your student is registered automatically through the School District. 

    These tests are used for college/technical school entrance requirements, scholarships, and more. This is an opportunity for a student to eliminate the cost of the exam (~$65-$85), transportation to the exam (exam locations can be up to an hour away), and other necessities (printing test tickets, pencils, accessibility). Please encourage your student to make good use of these testing opportunities--even if they do not believe they will need these scores in the future!


    For FREE study materials and more information on the SAT and PSAT/NMSQT (CollegeBoard), please visit: SAT and PSAT Resources

    Nationwide SAT Test Dates: Nationwide SAT Test Dates 2023-2024

    Did you know the SAT is moving to digital? Click here for more information: Digital SAT/PSAT Changes


    For FREE study materials and more information on the ACT, please visit: ACT Resources 

    Nationwide Test Dates: Nationwide ACT Test Dates 2023-2024

    ** In school PSAT, SAT, and ACT testing dates will be posted when they become available.