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    1. Media Center Main Area, Classroom 2-119E, or Conference Room Booking: Schedule a time to utilize the various spaces available in our Media Center. You can book the main area, conference room, or even a fully furnished classroom!
    2. Check out books or textbooks: 30 minutes: Book this time when you need to bring your class to check out specific textbooks or to check out great books!
    3. Gale Research or SAT/ACT Resources: 45 minutes: Need a refresher on how to work with GALE resources? Students have questions on the databases available? Look no further!
    4. Adobe Express Tutorial: 45 minutes: Do you or your students want to learn how to easily create beautiful presentations? Maybe you'd like to create flyers, videos, or even your own website. Harness the power of AI features to help you get it done!
    5. Lamination: Have some classroom materials that you plan to use for years to come? We will laminate it for you. Just fill out the form above the lamination box in the Media Center and we'll get it done ASAP. 
    6. Book Tasting: 45 Minutes: Want to expose your students to the possibilities of reading a good book? Book Tasting is a wonderful way to "taste" some new genres or titles that they may not have thought of trying out. Book Tasting is precisely what it sounds like!
    7. Coffee Shop: