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    The mission of Career and Technical Education is to provide students with technical skills, integrated activities, knowledge and the attitude necessary for successful performance in a globally competitive workplace.

    Career and Technical Education is an integral part of the middle and high school curriculum in Osceola County.  It serves to broaden the options for the future for those students who enroll in and successfully complete a Career and Technical Education program.

    Our programs provide successful strategies that link educational reform and economic development.  While the measurable outcomes of these efforts are important benchmarks for school improvement and accountability, it is imperative that we, as Career and Technical Educators, recognize the importance of the skills that we are imparting to our students.

    Our Vision

    The vision of Career and Technical Education is to promote literacy and academic advancement, provide job training and employer partnerships, and improve the employability potential of each student in a K-20 seamless educational environment.

    Career and Technical Education creates pathways to success for every secondary student by providing him or her with the technical skills and academic knowledge needed to prepare for future employment and/or successful transition to postsecondary education.