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    Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is an established leader in developing and providing virtual K-12 education solutions to students all over Florida, the U.S. and the world. A nationally recognized e-Learning model and recipient of numerous awards, FLVS was founded in 1997 and was the country's first, state-wide Internet-based public high school. Today, FLVS serves students in grades K-12 and provides a variety of custom solutions for schools and districts to meet student needs

    OVS Director's message 

    We are excited with the start of the New Year!  It’s been a year since our staff began at Osceola Virtual School and we have grown exponentially.  This year, we will be offering more courses so that our Osceola students can complete their online requirement as well as select a future career of their choice.

    Our courses that were highly requested last year were Driver’s Ed and Peer Counseling.  If student’s complete the Driver’s Ed course this year, the fee for the permit will be waived!  Also, Peer Counseling will continue to be offered as well as Leadership Skills Development, Career Research and Decision Making and Critical Thinking and Study Skills.  There are also many courses that are exclusive to Osceola Virtual School

    We are looking forward to serving our Osceola students and community with many options for courses and preparation for future technological careers.  Please call or visit our website for more information.


    Dr. Enid Rentas