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Osceola High School Student Sets Records on the Track

Markevus Jackson is no stranger to a 400-meter oval track. After all, he first started practicing and competing in track and field events at four years old.

"My mom wanted me and my brother to do something, so she decided to put us in track," said Markevus.

He's put in a lot of work since then and his times reflect that. This year he ran 200 meters in 20.99 seconds, which is the fastest time among all high school track athletes in the United States. He also set a record for the second fastest time in the nation for the 400-meter event with a time of 47.22 seconds.

"I’ve watched him come up even through little league football," said Boys and Girls Track Head Coach Eric Pinellas. "He’s always been the most athletic kid on the field, he’s always been the fastest kid on the field."

Coach Pinellas says Markevus' accomplishments are testament to the hard work he puts in at practice.

"People just see the track meet, but they don’t see the practice and the intensity and the overall toughness that he grits out at practice every day and that’s the reason he has the successes that he does."

Markevus has caught the eyes of several colleges including Alabama, Virigina Tech, Florida State, and several others. He hasn't decided where he wants to go yet but understands the importance of pursuing a higher education.

"I just want to get a four-year degree, so I can do something in life if track doesn’t work out," said Markevus.

In college, he plans to study photography and film.

"After I graduate, then I'll start training for the Olympics."

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