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Local Business Donates Cooking Equipment to Poinciana's Culinary Program

Poinciana High School's Culinary program is home to the Eagle's Kitchen. Inside the immersive classroom, you'll find dozens of students cooking away. One of those students is Edgar, a senior who has learned a lot about ins and outs of the food service industry.

"It has given me the perspective of the real pressure that’s in the kitchen and to be able to manage all different aspects and variables that come with cooking or serving people," said Edgar.

Edgar joined the culinary program as a freshman because he thought it was interesting. His initial interest has evolved into a dream of running his own restaurant. He's one of two students at Poinciana High School to be accepted into the Culinary Institute of America in New York.

To help students like Edgar gain necessary experience, Lebron Restaurant Supply dropped by with a special delivery.

"They can go on to be chefs, they can go on to be pastry masters, so it’s very important to invest early, so we see a future," said Omar Lebron, the owner of Lebron Restaurant Supply.

Lebron donated a 30-quart mixer, which will help students prepare meals for football games and catered events. School Board Member Jon Arguello was at Poinciana to thank the Lebron family for their donation.

"It saves our students hours in the process, and it helps them achieve better, and we’re very grateful," Arguello said. "If our students aren’t making these relationships or developing these relationships with local businesses if they’re not using the correct equipment and establishing these ties early, then they end up leaving the area, and we want the best and brightest to stay in our local area."

One of Arguello's goals is to build strong relationships between our schools and local businesses, that way every student has the tools they need to succeed.

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