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School Bus Riders

This is an important message from the Osceola Schools Transportation Department to school bus riding students and their parents:

Like most school systems in the nation, we will begin this new school year without enough School Bus Drivers for every bus route. You can be certain that we will be working tirelessly to ensure ALL students will arrive to and from school each day. To do this, it may be necessary for some school buses to make two trips for the same school. It may also be necessary to combine two routes into one. We are even finalizing the arrangements for possible use of a privately owned school bus vendor.

Year after year our dedicated Bus Operators and Attendants have consistently gone above the call of duty and worked long hours to ensure all students arrive at their destination safely. In spite of our best efforts there is no denying the fact there will be route delays, late school bus pick-ups and late arriving students. We kindly request your continued patience, tolerance and understanding as we work through this difficult situation and implement permanent solutions over these first weeks.

In order to receive timely daily information about your bus ride, you may wish to consider using two mobile apps. First, Here Comes the Bus will provide real-time GPS location information and alert you when the bus is nearing the bus stop. Second, is BusBulletin which makes it possible for you to receive notifications of known route delays and bus route substitutions directly from our Dispatch Center. Links and instructions on downloading and using these apps can be found on the Osceola Schools website at